Today the scheme member website was relaunched. The website has a new look developed in line with the updated content and information. The content reflects, where possible, regulations which have been agreed for LGPS 2014.  

In addition three new short topic based videos have been added to giving more information on the cost of the scheme as well as how pensions in the career average scheme are calculated and when they are payable. These videos are available in English and Welsh and with and without subtitles.  

Further updates are required once LGPS (Transitional Provisions, Savings and Amendment) regulations have been finalised.  

LGPS 2014 Topic based leaflets

The following topic based leaflets are now available on the LGA's website at

  • Member contributions and the flexibility to pay more or less
  • How is my pension worked out?
  • When can I take my pension?
  • Mythbusting LGPS 2014  

LGPS 2014 draft Communication Plan updated

Version 4 of the draft Communication Plan for LGPS 2014 is available here