A message from Jody Evans, Interim Director for Essex Pension Fund

It is fair to say we find ourselves in uncharted waters with Covid-19 and this is bringing change to us all. I want to reassure you that we at the Essex Pension Fund are doing everything we can to look after our staff and in turn ensure business as usual for our members and other stakeholders.

Most of our staff are now working remotely from home until further notice following the Government’s advice but we will still have a skeleton staff in the office on Mondays and Thursdays (as the ECC post room will only be opening on these days) to deal with post, scanning and printing. Please note that the Essex Pension Fund office will be closed to visitors until further notice.

We will still be answering phones, responding to post and e-mails and processing benefits as normal so you shouldn’t notice any difference in our service. However, this could change depending on how the virus impacts on our staff and scheme members in the months ahead, but we would only expect any impact to be on non-urgent cases and we will, in any event, do our utmost to maintain business as usual.

You can still contact us by phone on 033301 38384 or by e-mail pensionenquiries@essex.gov.uk.

You may have seen news about the fall in stock markets and the potential resultant impact on defined contribution pensions. However, the LGPS is a defined benefit pension scheme backed by statute and members’ pensions are not linked to stock market performance. LGPS members can therefore be assured that both their contributions and their pension, whether in payment or built up to date, will be unaffected.

I sincerely wish good health for you and your families during these uncertain times and we extend our thoughts to those who have been impacted by the coronavirus.